I’ve time traveled to the year 3,867 - there’s only about 40,500 people on the globe. I learned that in 2,436, there was a huge traffic accident that started with a rogue party balloon drifting into the freeway, causing preposterous chain reactions of hard rear-end car crashes all over the planet. While this happened,… » 4/24/15 11:25am Friday 11:25am

Naive I was - I broke up with her on Jan 3rd. She always set traps for me. Was unhappy with people and then she'd be silent, grumpy. I should have known when she said that she thought I was wearing a wedding band from my ex-wife on a picture of me on FB. It was a picture where I am talking to a friend at a bike race.… » 3/27/15 3:25pm 3/27/15 3:25pm

Sounds like there's some overprotective, entitled, softies here. My parents beat me when it was deserved. They came form that generation - so they beat me with either a belt, a wooden spoon, or a spanking. Being the oldest of three, I always got it hardest - and my sister and brother did too. » 3/06/15 1:42pm 3/06/15 1:42pm

This - a bicycle. Gets you from point A to B efficiently. People say "but its dangerous." Just be careful and ride to the office, to the store, to your friend's house, even to your aunt's if she's got the Saturday morning biscuits and gravy routine down pat. I ride as much as I can even though I own a car - riding the… » 1/20/15 7:22am 1/20/15 7:22am